Nuclear Medicine

PET injection shield


The injection shield provides effective radiation protection for user when they injecting high energy isotopes and in contact with the patient after injection.




It has as benefits :



  • A large window for a perfect view during the injection.


  • Shield thicknesses varying from 10 to 30 mm lead depending on the zones


  • A mobility thanks to its twin wheels, which also allows a reduced weight


  • A frame allows passage under the beds


  • A stainless steel shelf adjustable in height according to 3 positions


  • A retractable step that can be used on demand for smaller people
42.B.1-PET-shield-radioprotection.png 42.B.2-bouclier-FDG-radioprotection.png 42.B.4-PET-shield-radioprotection.png 42.B.5-bouclier FDG-radioprotection.png
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