Nuclear Medicine

Stainless steel wall passthrough


The stainless steel wall passthrough is the best solution (easy to use and security) to transfer a radiopharmaceutical syringe from the preparation area to the injection room. It is shielded on all sides.



The wall passthrough is shielded by 2 mm lead to ensure the radiation protection and it made entirely of stainless steel for easy cleaning and decontamination.

The doors are airtight to respect the pressure differences between the two parts connected by the wall passthrough.


Several options : 



        1. Lead glass window


  • With
  • Without



        2. Interlocking doors


  • With 
  • Without



       3. Door opening


  • Left to right
  • Right to left
51.B.3-stainless-steel-wall-passtrough-radioprotection.JPG 51.B.4-ventanilla-transmural-acero-inoxidable-radioproteccion.JPG 51.B.5-guichet-transmural-inox-radioprotection.JPG 51.B.6-stainless-steel-wall-passthrough-radioprotection.JPG
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