Nuclear Medicine

FDG and iodine containers trolley


The FDG and iodine container trolley and its container are shielded on all sides. It allows to carry the FDG and iodine131 containers between the delivery introduction and the radiopharmacy or the rooms of the treatment with radioactive iodine, including non-controlled area.




The FDG and iodine containers trolley is shielded by 30 mm lead. It also made of HDPE and stainless steel.

The HDPE inside it has a dual role of damping and anti-noise



It has as benefits : 


  • a sliding cover, giving access to the 2 internal housings
  • 4 wheels for mobility, easily movable
  • a great stability


Several versions exist: 1, 2 or 4 slots

53.B.9-trolley-container-radioprotection.jpg 53.B.10-chariot-conteneur-radioprotection.png 53.B.12-trolley-container-radioprotection.jpg 53.B.13-carro-contenedor-radioproteccion.jpg
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