Nuclear Medicine

Galluim shielded isolator


F750-Ga - Grade A is a shielded isolator, shielded between 20 mm and 45 mm lead depending on areas, and specially designed for the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals based on Ga68 . It is very robust and requires minimal maintenance : annuel change of the filtration block achievable directly by the user. 



In particular, it integrates : 


  • A compartment for generator Ge/ga
  • A compartment for the ionization chamber of the dose calibrator
  • A sliding tray for synthesis module
  • A compartment for solid and liquid waste



But also : 


  • 2 glove ports 
  • LED worktop lighting 
  • Socket inside the shielded isolator 
  • Chamber of introduction/exit of the material 



To facilitate its installation, its external dimensions allow to pass through doors of 2 m x 0.90 wide (single standard door).

11.B.3-gallium-shielded-isolator-synthesis-radiation-protection-equipment.jpg gallium-isolator-enceinte-blindée-7.png gallium-hot-cell-enceinte-blindée-5.png gallium-hot-cell-enceinte-blindée-4.png gallium-hot-cell-enceinte-blindée-1.png
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