Nuclear Medicine

Syringe shield rack


Our syringe shield rack, thanks to its practical design, allows you to easily store up to 8 syringe shields of any size without colliding each other. It also allows them to dry quickly after decontamination.



All in stainless steel, very easy to clean

Thanks to the rods, water does not accumulate and allows the syringe shields to dry quickly.

Very lightweight you can move it easily.

Its design allows it to be balanced and counterbalanced even when you put up to 8 syringe shields.

31.B.6-syringe-shield-rack-radioprotection.png 31.B.7-soporte-protectores-jeringua-radioproteccion.png 31.B.8-support-protege-seringue-radioprotection.png 31.B.9-syringe-shield-rack-radioprotection.png
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