Nuclear Medicine

Vial tong


It is a radiopharmaceutical vial tong.

Especially suitable for use with heavy gloves and inflexible.




Its double blade system offers a spring effect and allows a great precision of the gesture.

At rest, the vial tong stay in place, flat on the worktop.


Three sizes are available. 



Reference Product Length
GRIP 4V-L Long vial tong 50 cm
GRIP 4V-M Medium vial tong 40 cm
GRIP 4V-S Short vial tong 30 cm


34.B.1-vial-tong-radioprotection.png 34.B.2-pince-manipulation-radioprotection.png 34.B.3-pinza-manipulacion-radioproteccion.png 34.B.4-vial-tong-radioprotection.png 34.B.5-pinza-manipulacion-radioproteccion.png
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